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A reality

Poorly executed self-custody

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Many people don't worry about security.
This is driven by the historical delegation of these activities to third parties (banks, security companies...).

And there is no culture of security.

People are satisfied with storing their precious seed words on simple sheets of paper, cardstock, or insecure computer notepads.

Take your security to another level

An indestructible choice

Yoseyomo ♥️ Your wallet

Yoseyomo is the perfect companion for your wallet. Compatible with all wallets on the market that support BIP39 or SLIP39.

Manufactured using various high-purity, premium -quality materials

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So discreet that you can

Store it anywhere

Our values

Japanese Essence

Yoseyomo was born out of the need to create the best physical device in the world to safely store any seed phrase.

Inspired by the philosophy of the samurai, who valued simplicity and elegance, we have fused ancestral wisdom with the vanguard of innovation, the perfect synthesis between tradition and modernity.

Japanese essence, made in Spain.

We take care of every detail

Japanese essence

Safety and security

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Created to transcend

Even though you are not in this world

Leave your legacy with your most valuable treasure

Inheritance is the perfect complement to Yoseyomo to transcend to other generations. A posthumous message custody service designed to be able to bequeath your Yoseyomo in a private, encrypted and simple way.

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