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We have tried to answer the most common questions.


Questions and answers related to the launch of Yoseyomo.

What is Yoseyomo and why should I support it?

Yoseyomo is a project born from the vision of Iñaki Zubeldia (Cryptodemy) and Álvaro Campos, with the aim of offering a definitive solution to protect and preserve the seed phrases of any wallet, indispensable in the field of personal safekeeping in the Web3 world.

The combination of cryptographic expertise and business skills of its co-founders guarantees an honest, grounded and high quality approach.

Is there an affiliation program with Yoseyomo?

Yes, by purchasing any Yoseyomo model, you will automatically join our affiliate program, which rewards successful referrals. If you are a content creator or a professional distributor, please contact to access higher commissions or volume discounts.

I would like to invest in Yoseyomo as a partner, is it possible?

We are currently focused on validating our product in the market. After this phase, we will seek investment to scale globally. If you are interested in investing, please sign up through our stakeholder form; we will contact you for the first round of investment.

How can I follow the status of the Yoseyomo project?

Visit the "How it all started" section of our website for the latest news. Also, subscribe to our newsletter or, if you are already a subscriber, you will receive updates directly to your email.

How does it benefit me to support Yoseyomo in the presale phase compared to waiting for its market launch?

In addition to being part of the people who saw the same potential as its founders. You will get:

  • Access to special prices with up to 60% discount, compared to the usual selling price.
  • You will belong as a customer to the 'Genesis' category of people who supported the project from the beginning.
  • You will receive an NFT that will allow you future access to new launches before anyone else, as well as pre-sales of new products and services due to your Genesis Customer status.
  • You will ensure that, if you liked the product, it will become a reality.
When will I receive my Yoseyomo?

The first delivery is scheduled for July-August 2024.

What do I do if I have a problem with the presale?

Contact us through the contact form or to detailing your situation to get a quick solution.


Questions and answers related to all Yoseyomo® products.

What are the dimensions of Yoseyomo?

All our models share dimensions of 50 mm in diameter and 3 mm thick, varying only in the manufacturing material.

Is the marking punch included with the purchase of Yoseyomo?

Yes, each Yoseyomo includes an automatic punch that facilitates metal marking without the need for a hammer.

Is it possible that the BIP39 list will be incompatible or disappear in the future?

Since BIP39 has been a widely adopted standard since 2013, it is unlikely to disappear. However, we are prepared to adapt to new standards if they emerge.

Does Yoseyomo trigger the security alarm at airports?

No, we have tested passing through various security controls at different airports with Yoseyomo in all three available materials, and it has not triggered the alarm in any of them. So, you can safely carry it in your pocket if you need to travel with your Yoseyomo.

Shipping and returns

Frequently asked questions about shipping, returns and exchanges.

Is there any kind of guarantee for Yoseyomo?

We offer a two-year warranty by law and extend a lifetime warranty against damage, excluding loss, promising a replacement at no additional cost.

In which countries is Yoseyomo available?

Yoseyomo ships worldwide at competitive prices.

What should I do if my Yoseyomo is damaged or broken?

Use the lifetime warranty by sending an email to with details and pictures of the damage.

What steps can I take if I lose my Yoseyomo?

We recommend purchasing backup packages, available at a reduced price on our website.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Do not hesitate to contact us to solve your questions, we will be happy to assist you.