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Something like a story of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.
But made in Spain.

It all started one nine of the eleven.

Like a classic Silicon Valley tale, where two college friends start a venture in a garage that, over time, transforms into a multinational corporation, Álvaro Campos and Iñaki Zubeldia brought Yoseyomo to life behind the scenes, driven by vibrant conversations solely through Discord.

It all started on September 9th, 2023, when an enthusiastic "It looks perfect" marked the beginning of an exciting journey that culminated in the launch of the promising project called Yoseyomo on May 1st, 2024.

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We are



Álvaro Campos


Iñaki Zubeldia

The influence of a culture

That inspires our values

Our values

Japanese Essence

Yoseyomo is born out of the need to create the world's best physical device to securely store any seed phrase.

Inspired by the philosophy of the samurai, who valued simplicity and elegance, we have merged ancient wisdom with cutting-edge innovation, achieving the perfect synthesis between tradition and modernity.

Japanese essence, made in Spain.

We take care of every detail

Japanese Essence

Security and protection

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