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How it all started

Proceed with the SL

#40 | February 16, 2024

We've been looking at options for incorporating the company for a few weeks now. The crowdfunding is approaching, and we need to start setting up the company. We were considering opening the company in the Basque Country due to certain tax advantages and lower tax rates. Until I had a video call with D.Z. (I haven't asked for permission to give his name, so I'm using only his initials) to ask for advice: What mistakes have you made in the past when setting up companies that you wish you had known when you started?

He has quite a few SLs under his belt, some with interesting exits. This person was my teacher in a marketing master's program years ago.
I always remembered the emphasis he placed on the shareholder agreement. And I wanted to ask him about it.

It was so beneficial that today (and I met with him three days ago), Álvaro and I gave the green light to start the procedures for the SL in Valencia, with a law firm recommended by D.Z. (it's called

Today has also been a historic day for our project. The Germans have confirmed that they can manufacture Yoseyomo, so we have processed the sample in titanium, which was the most difficult and expensive material to produce due to its hardness.

Some of you might not receive them.

#39 | February 10, 2024

The recent SPAM policies of Google require companies to configure their email platforms with records called DKIM, DMARC, SPF. Without these, many emails go straight to the Spam folder.
For this reason, we have updated the configuration of the email marketing platform to see if this way, we can reach your inboxes better.

We continue to expand suppliers.

#38 | February 9, 2024

The Germans have not yet responded to us regarding whether they can ultimately manufacture Yoseyomo. So, we continue to seek alternatives in Spain. Let's see if we can get them manufactured here. Through asking and researching Spanish companies online, we have found one in Valencia and another in Barcelona. There seems to be hope.

If not, Álvaro, being a good Bilbao native, will take the middle road, setting up his own factory in no time like a aizkolari.

Great feedback. A little gift for the NFT holders.

#37 | February 8, 2024

Since we started, everything has been positive vibes. You've given us positive feedback, suggestions, ideas... We really believe we're on the right track. Also, today I suggested to Álvaro how he would feel about distributing 1% of the company's annual profits among all NFT holders. He thinks it's a good idea, and we'll have to see if it fits legally with the SL. But we feel like rewarding the trust of our Crowdfounders in some way.

It's time for the transactional ones.

#36 | February 4, 2024

Today we've started working on transactional emails, which are those sent by the website when you place an order, it leaves our warehouses, etc. And as you already know our obsession with details and providing quality in everything we do, we've started designing emails for order sent, order received, payment made, order canceled, order returned, etc.

Álvaro will make them a reality by coding the web CSS, and I'll create them in image format to serve as a guide for him.

We continue to adjust the crowdfunding page.

#35 | February 2, 2024

The crowdfunding page is very important; everything has to be very clear and cannot fail. That's why we've dedicated so much time to it. We continue to adjust plugin settings so that it allows us to do what we want it to do.

We're starting communication with our WL

#34 | February 1, 2024

Today was the starting gun, the chosen day to begin telling our future backers everything we've been progressing with the project, but without revealing anything yet.

We've answered a lot of responses from eager backers wanting to know what we've been cooking up.

Every day during the month of February, we plan to send out an email to keep everyone updated on all the things we've been doing since we started.

Lots of enthusiasm and excitement. Let's see if together we can get it into orbit!

Finally, some light! We have a manufacturer

#33 | February 1, 2024

Since November, we've been searching for companies capable of manufacturing Yoseyomo in Spain. After looking from north to south and from east to west, it seems that we've finally found a solution in Germany. It's not the ideal option to maintain our idea of manufacturing in Spain. But for now, we haven't found any other alternative. This is quite relieving as we were starting to worry that we wouldn't be able to manufacture Yoseyomo, and this company seems like they can help us 🔥. They look awesome and work for all kinds of industries.

NFT in process

#32 | January 30, 2024

Today we've created the NFTs that we'll be giving to all those backers who have contributed to making this project a reality. With the purchase of one or more rewards during the crowdfunding, we'll deliver a "Genesis" NFT that will grant its owner future benefits and surprises.

It's being very well-received

#31 | January 29, 2024

We're receiving incredible feedback. People who don't know the crypto world understand its purpose and importance, and they really like the idea. And those who are already familiar with and involved in the crypto world tell us they're blown away by what we have in store, with some even talking about investing in the project.

First, we want to validate the product with you (the market). If the crowdfunding is successful, we will consider an investment round because we want to grow quickly and go international.
We'll keep you updated.
For now, we are continuing with the crowdfunding page. We are working on it diligently and want every detail to be perfect.

We have added YSYMBOT

#30 | January 22, 2024

We have added an AI chatbot to answer all your questions 24/7. Now we need to train it.

We have been informed that the patent is approved!

#29 | January 20, 2024

Today we woke up to a pleasant surprise: our utility model patent has been approved and will be published in the BOPI. If there are no oppositions in two months, micro-goal achieved!

What an amazing video!

#28 | January 10, 2024

Now yes! Babak is a genius. He made the video exactly as we had requested in the briefing and the script. This is something else! You can see how the video turned out here:

Let's start with the crowdfunding page, as the date is approaching and we already have all the material we've been waiting for.

Happy New Year backers!!! 🎉

#27 | January 1, 2024

This year is going to be very special, and we need all of you to make it even more so. We will launch our Yoseyomo project, and with your contributions, we will be able to bring the project to fruition.
We are confident that one way or another, it will see the light.

By the way, 2024 equals 1024 + 512 + 256 + 128 + 64 + 32 + 8 (Woman).

Also, our 3D Gig has sent us the .step files that our video Gig, Babak, needs to continue with some shots. They look really cool.

Very good vibes

#26 | December 29, 2023

It seems we've hit the mark. Babak, the new Canadian Gig, has sent us a material test for our YSYM2048, and it looks very promising.

Mission impossible with the video

#25 | December 27, 2023

Mission aborted with Phill. The result he sent us is nowhere near the quality of the work shown in his portfolio. We suspect it's not his. So, we sent him $150 for the time invested. We're going to work with a Canadian on Fiverr as well, which costs us 2.6 times more. The video is something very important in our opinion. And the previous Gig turned out to be a disappointment.

Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼

We already have a name for the service

#24 | December 22, 2023

After giving it some thought, YOTICA (Your Time Capsule) sounded a bit rough phonetically. After going through a naming process, Yolein (Your Legacy Inheritance, the inheritance of your legacy) could have a lot of potential, but we'll continue with this process later on. There's time.

We received the first draft of the video, disaster.

#23 | December 20, 2023

Today we received part of the video we hired, and it's been quite a disaster. We've created a feedback document, and hopefully things will improve... but it doesn't look good.

Now it's time for the shipping box

#22 | December 19, 2023

As you already know, Yoseyomo is based on excellence and attention to detail. So, we can't send our Yoseyomo in a plain brown box like Amazon. We're going to give it a Yoseyomo touch. We'll add a design with our seed phrase background and include a gamification element on the box with a QR code that takes you to our Karma page. This way, you can win rewards for recommending it, sharing it on social media, etc. We'll have periodic giveaways.

We update the 3D model of YSYM2048

#21 | December 18, 2023

We need a final version to continue requesting quotes from titanium manufacturers and to start making the first prototypes. So, we asked the first Gig to create a new version based on our final design. It's taking very good shape 🤤.

Phill the Gig reappears

#20 | December 17, 2023

He's asked for more time; he says he's been unfairly expelled from the platform and that he'll give us the video tomorrow. We'll see...

First setback

#19 | December 16, 2023

Yesterday, the cat was let out of the bag; the video from the Fiverr Gig won't be possible. After waiting and extending the deadlines at the filmmaker's request, they closed their account, and we have to find someone else.

I present Yoseyomo at Criptodemy

#18 | December 15, 2023

Today I presented our new project on my channel and announced the start of the waitlist so people can sign up to stay informed about everything that's coming.

An epiphany brings us a service

#17 | December 13, 2023

Today I woke up with a clear vision. A recurring service that can complement Yoseyomo very well. A posthumous messaging service, so that in case of death, your heirs can have access to the location of your Yoseyomo. We won't store the seed phrase, as it's too much responsibility and can create friction. We'll store a message about where the Yoseyomo is hidden and send a course to the heir to learn how to use the inherited Yoseyomo and learn the basics of handling crypto to convert them into Euros, etc. It's crystal clear! Straight to the RoadMap.

We already have the security stickers

#16 | December 5, 2023

We'll need some tamper-evident seals. So, we've designed and requested quotes. We want them to have a holographic effect and leave a residue if someone tries to lift the seal. That way, the user knows with certainty at all times whether the product has been opened or the seed phrases exposed.

We already have the Yoseyomo instructions

#15 | December 4, 2023

Another item on our to-do list is to create the GetStarted guide so that customers who purchase a Yoseyomo know how it works.

New version of the packaging

#14 | November 30, 2023

Our friends at Tribu3 in Barcelona have already sent us the improved new version of the packaging. Now it looks perfect.

We received the mockup of the packaging

#13 | November 24, 2023

After commissioning a supplier from Barcelona for a quote and mockup for the packaging, we finally received it! It looks great! but a bit large. We adjust sizes and improve the interior design to request a new mockup. It has to be perfect!

We're starting work on the launch video

#12 | November 13, 2023

In our quest for detail, we're clear that we need a video piece that explains the product well and conveys its quality and innovation. So, we're looking for a filmmaker on the Fiverr platform who has a good portfolio and fits our needs. We've provided them with the script, and in 18 days, they'll deliver the finished video.

We open the waitlist with Fran de Olza

#11 | November 11, 2023

We took advantage of an interview that Iñaki had scheduled with Fran de Olza to introduce the Yoseyomo waitlist to his audience. For this reason, we prepared the website and social media so that those interested in getting more information could sign up and receive the latest updates.

We continue to keep our project secret for now. We haven't revealed any key details, as we want to keep the element of surprise intact until the official launch of Yoseyomo.

We're creating official social media profiles and preparing a website

#10 | November 6, 2023

In the end, we decided to set up our crowdfunding on a platform that we created ourselves. Kickstarter or Indiegogo are more general and also have quite high fees. So, we got to work to have everything ready for the possible interview on Fran de Olza's YouTube channel.

Anti-Manipulation Systems

#9 | October 20, 2023

To provide an additional level of security, which other similar products do not offer, we have incorporated, in addition to the numerical encryption system in the coin, some anti-tamper stickers. This way, if a third party gains access to your Yoseyomo and decides to remove the sticker, there will be an unmistakable mark that your Yoseyomo has been compromised.

Trademark registration, patent, and packaging

#8 | October 16, 2023

We keep moving forward, with many things still ahead of us that we need to finalize and develop. So today, we processed the trademark registration at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, and also started the process of registering the Utility Model with a specialized firm.

In parallel, we have already begun the creative process with the packaging. Our vision is for it to be elegant, beautiful, and to elevate the Yoseyomo coin to a pedestal, as if it were a work of art or luxury. In our quest to devise the best way to present the product, we have conducted various engineering tests.

And finally, the boxes turned out like this:

Three models, each made with three noble materials that, after careful study, were deemed most suitable for the important task of preserving our customers' seed phrases over time. A vertical box, designed to store the included punch tool of the Yoseyomo, as well as to provide an exquisite presentation for a product that aspires to be almost cult-like.

We give meaning to everything

#7 | October 11, 2023

– Yoseyomo sounds very Japanese. –
– It's kind of like Satoshi Nakamoto, isn't it? –

Those are some of the conversations that Álvaro and I have had. And we believe everything fits together.

We are great admirers of Japanese culture and its profound significance, and we believe it fits perfectly with our project. A culture characterized by its discipline, serenity, and where honor permeates every aspect of life. Furthermore, if we consider Japanese tradition, where samurais protected their most precious treasures with their katanas, and ninjas moved discreetly among shadows and mist, we find that it is the pure definition of Yoseyomo. Additionally, we believe it adds a certain flair.

We already have a visual image

#6 | October 8, 2023

Guys! Finally! We're updating you today to let you know that we've finally settled on this option. It represents the spiral composed of the 24+1 blades of the spiral that are engraved on the Yoseyomo. The corporate color will be black, to emphasize the elegance, discretion, and enigmatic aura of the product.

Let's start with the branding

#5 | October 4, 2023

We are talking to several manufacturers of punches to mark the coin. We are also researching which companies we can hire to patent our Yoseyomo, and we have begun the branding process.

As you can see, this is the starting point. We have been iterating and searching for something that we really liked. We have discarded quite a few options... some seemed like a coffee brand, others the padlock style didn't quite fit... We'll show you a sample, but there's much more behind it.

First quick tests

#4 | September 22, 2023

The excitement overwhelms us, and we needed to test the .STEP file that our Gig sent us. Therefore, we printed a test of the coin on an old 3D printer. Although the result is not perfect due to the printer's limitations, our Yoseyomo looks more than good ❤️.

Fourteen days non-stop

#3 | September 21, 2023

While conducting a study on the most optimal materials to manufacture Yoseyomo and initiating the search for quality Spanish manufacturers, we are delighted to see how our project has evolved from being an idea on paper to becoming a 3D model.

Today, our Fiverr Gig has sent us the STEP file.

Things are taking shape, guys! 💪🏻 We're moving forward!

A week later

#2 | September 16, 2023

We've had a week of intense work, with the sole obsession of "thinking something useful and cool" to securely store the seed phrases. And we've already achieved a first result that somewhat resembles what we have in mind for Yoseyomo.

Thus, Yoseyomo is born

#1 | September 9, 2023

We (Álvaro and Iñaki) share a community in Alex Augusto Trading, a place where, in addition to learning trading, many synergies are created among its members. It all begins today, September 9, 2023, when Álvaro, after asking some questions related to a video by Iñaki in Criptodemy about how to preserve the seed phrase, etc., quite abruptly proposes "to think to do something useful and cool, it's a good idea"; it seemed like the project was a call.

We see it clearly, Iñaki accepts the challenge with a "sounds perfect" and off we go with everything 💪🏻. Let's see what we can achieve. We'll keep you posted.