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The safest way to safeguard your legacy.
Created to transcend.

Things happen

What if one day suddenly you're not here anymore?

No matter your age, you know that sometimes life can be unpredictable.

Make sure that your crypto legacy remains protected and accessible.

With Inheritance®, your family will not only know where to find your vault but also how to use it, all without the risks of prematurely revealing its location.

Discover our unique posthumous message custody service, designed by Yoseyomo to offer you peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Challenge the passage of time

Designed to provide them with a future

So simple and yet so powerful

Hire, write and seal.

It's clear that we cannot and should not take on the responsibility of safeguarding your 24 passphrase words. This is fundamental to ensure the security of your assets.

However, often the simplest solution proves to be the most powerful. And we found the key.

We will safeguard the message you wish to convey to your heirs when you are no longer here.

In it, reveal the location of your Yoseyomo in such a way that only your heir understands the message, while it remains meaningless to others.

Seal your capsule and leave the rest in our hands.

We don't just guard your message

It's just as important to tell your heirs where your Yoseyomo is hidden.

As teaching them how to use it. Additionally, we'll send your message to the heir of your Yoseyomo about its location after verifying your identity and death documentation.

We will send a basic initiation course completely free of charge to your heirs.

With it, they will be able to understand how Yoseyomo works and also learn the most basic aspects to be able to independently convert the cryptocurrencies you've bequeathed to them into fiat money if they wish.

Secure the future of your heirs.

In very few steps

Contract the Inheritance service.

All you have to do is subscribe to the Inheritance service.

If you own a NFT Genesis, it will be 50% cheaper.

For each heir, you must contract an annual license.

Tell us to whom and what you want to say.

Write a message for each Inheritance license.

We will need the contact information of the person to whom we should deliver your message when you pass away.

So we can be sure to deliver it to the rightful person.

Don't worry. We'll take care of it.

Once your heir tries to certify your death and claim his or her bequest.

We will verify the veracity and legality of all documentation.

And we will deliver your message along with a basic course for you to use.

Our values

Japanese Essence

Yoseyomo was born out of the need to create the best physical device in the world to safely store any seed phrase.

Inspired by the philosophy of the samurai, who valued simplicity and elegance, we have fused ancestral wisdom with the avant-garde of innovation, the perfect synthesis between tradition and modernity.

Japanese essence, made in Spain.

We take care of every detail

Japanese Essence

Safety and security

Don't put it off any longer. Life changes at any moment.


A perfect pairing

Inheritance will go on sale in early Q3 2024 when we start delivering the first Yoseyomo from the presale.

With the purchase of any Yoseyomo in pre-sale campaign, you will get a commemorative NFT Genesis airdrop for the launch.

The holder will automatically receive a 50% discount for life on the first license purchased.