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A reality

Poorly executed self-custody

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Many people do not care about security.
This is because historically we have delegated these activities to third parties (banks, security companies...).

And there is no safety culture.

People are content to keep their precious seed words on simple sheets of paper, cardboard or insecure computer notepads.

Take your security to another level

An indestructible choice

Yoseyomo ♥️ Your wallet

Yoseyomo is the perfect companion for your wallet. Compatible with all wallets on the market that support BIP39 or SLIP39.

So discreet that you can

Hide it anywhere

Oculta fácilmente tu Yoseyomo gracias a su diseño compacto

As compact as it is discreet

Yoseyomo takes discretion to new levels. With a design so compact that you can hide it in any corner, this crypto vault secures your keys with the utmost privacy. Ideal for those looking to protect their assets with absolute subtlety and without leaving a trace.

With a lifetime warranty

The best way to preserve your seed phrase

Undisputed Superiority

Yoseyomo defines excellence in cryptocurrency protection. With state-of-the-art materials and unparalleled design, each vault is up to the most demanding challenges. The exclusive use of nautical steel and grade 5 titanium sets us apart, ensuring unparalleled durability and security. In a world where uncertainty is the norm, Yoseyomo offers a trusted solution designed to overcome any obstacle.

Unbreakable, fire resistant

Manufactured with noble materials that can resist even the most violent fire. The temperature range of a residential fire is 600°C to 1,000°C.

YSYM2048 🔥


YSYM1024 🔥


YSYM512 🔥


All-terrain, corrosion resistant

Our materials behave differently, choose the level of protection that best suits your circumstances.

YSYM2048 💧


YSYM1024 💧


YSYM512 💧


Unalterable, resistant to collapse

The sinking of a house is not a common occurrence. But we are never completely safe from such a catastrophe. However, in that case, our materials will withstand any collapse.

YSYM2048 🏚️


YSYM1024 🏚️


YSYM512 🏚️


Our values

Japanese Essence

Yoseyomo was born out of the need to create the best physical device in the world to safely store any seed phrase.

Inspired by the philosophy of the samurai, who valued simplicity and elegance, we have fused ancestral wisdom with the avant-garde of innovation, the perfect synthesis between tradition and modernity.

Japanese essence, made in Spain.

We take care of every detail

Japanese Essence

Safety and security