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A reality

Self-custody, poorly executed

More than 10 billion dollars have been stolen in the cryptocurrency world due to not properly safeguarding the seed phrase, and many people have lost their cryptocurrencies because they did not protect their seed phrase as they should have.

True facts

8,000 Bitcoins in a landfill site

Howells, a computer engineer, accidentally threw away his hard drive in 2013 after mining 8,000 bitcoins in the early stages of the cryptocurrency's development.

The value of what Howells had was around $250 million in January 2021, and now it would be more than €500 million.

Howells plans to spend millions excavating a landfill in Newport, UK, in an attempt to find the lost hard drive.

Seed phrase lost with 250,000 Ether

Rain Lõhmus, founder of LHV Bank, bought $75,000 worth of Ethereum at its launch, when its price was 30 cents, but he lost his keys and cannot access his money.

Rain lost 250,000 ETH because Yoseyomo did not yet exist.

Prevent the same thing from happening to me
There is a real alternative
Yoseyomo is born

Make the seed phrase of any crypto wallet indestructible

Yoseyomo ♥️ Your wallet

Yoseyomo is the perfect companion for your wallet. Compatible with all wallets on the market that support BIP39 or SLIP39.

Take your security to another level

An indestructible choice

Undisputed Superiority

Yoseyomo defines excellence in cryptocurrency protection. With state-of-the-art materials and unparalleled design, each vault is up to the most demanding challenges. The exclusive use of nautical steel and grade 5 titanium sets us apart, ensuring unparalleled durability and security. In a world where uncertainty is the norm, Yoseyomo offers a trusted solution designed to overcome any obstacle.

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Created to transcend

Even though you are not in this world

Leave your legacy with your most valuable treasure

Inheritance is the perfect complement to Yoseyomo to transcend to other generations. A posthumous message custody service designed to be able to bequeath your Yoseyomo in a private, encrypted and simple way.

Get to know Inheritance

Unbreakable, fire resistant

Manufactured with noble materials that can resist even the most violent fire. The temperature range of a residential fire is 600°C to 1,000°C.

YSYM2048 🔥


YSYM1024 🔥


YSYM512 🔥


All-terrain, corrosion resistant

Our materials behave differently, choose the level of protection that best suits your circumstances.

YSYM2048 💧


YSYM1024 💧


YSYM512 💧


Unalterable, resistant to collapse

The sinking of a house is not a common occurrence. But we are never completely safe from such a catastrophe. However, in that case, our materials will withstand any collapse.

YSYM2048 🏚️


YSYM1024 🏚️


YSYM512 🏚️


Buy your Yoseyomo in presale
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Obtain an NFT Genesis

An airdrop for your support

It's our way of saying thank you 🙏

Buying your Yoseyomo in presale thus supporting the project brings with it MANY advantages.

For the purchase of a Yoseyomo you will get a free NFT Genesis. An exclusive non fungible token that commemorates the launch day of our brand.

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